An advanced eCommerce platform for a pharmacy retail chain

Complete Solution:

  • A highly scalable online store
  • Prescription medicine selling system
  • On demand pharmacist support solution
  • Effective automated sales tools
  • PIM system
  • And much more

Sales & Support

ePharmacy Online Shop

Can be utilized as a single online store or a centralized platform for hundreds of different stores and services. ePharmacy runs on the massively scalable Magento 2 eCommerce platform.

Secure Prescription Module

Allows the pharmacist to offer consultation through live chat and confirm the secure online purchase of prescription drugs. The module can also be used for general support and additional sales.


For Your Clients

  • Easily navigate through countless products
  • Log in with their ID card, mobile ID, etc
  • See their prescriptions and buy the drugs
  • Consult with a human pharmacist online
  • Receive logical product recommendations
  • Collect various loyalty program bonuses

For Your Business

  • Centralize your eStores under ePharmacy
  • Sell more, including prescription medicine
  • Provide personal customer service
  • Automatically up- and cross-sell products
  • Optimize and automate employee workflow
  • Run a comfortable and modern online shop

Easy To Use

  • Client searches for products
  • Adds them to cart
  • Logs in (for prescription drugs and member bonuses)
  • Chooses which prescriptions to fill (secured login required)
  • Pharmacist provides medicine options
  • Client chooses desired products
  • Pharmacist can make further product recommendations
  • Client can use a discount code or bonus points
  • Chooses delivery method and enters shipping information
  • Chooses payment method and pays

Proven To Outperform

Apotheka runs on ePharmacy

The leading pharmacy retail chain is paving the road on how online business is being done in its industry. No wonder why Apotheka has the largest market share in the whole Baltic region.

Their market share surpasses all other pharmacies

Young and healthy people choose to shop at Apotheka. It’s largely because the symptoms-based navigation through endless products and categories gives them the right item in seconds.

They don’t want to spend time doing research on complicated topics. They want a simple fix for their problems. If they have questions, they’ll get an answer from a real pharmacist. Quickly.

The bed sick and elderly can order themselves

People who have trouble going to the physical pharmacy themselves have relied on friends and family to help get their prescriptions utilized. Home delivery of prescription medicine turned that helplessness into independence.

ePharmacy even automatically reminds you about what prescriptions are going to expire, how to properly store your drugs, what are the important warnings, etc.

It’s intuitive and hassle free

Try it out for yourself at www.apotheka.ee (the site is in Estonian and Russian only).

Flexible Pricing

You choose how you want to operate! For a detailed quote, Get In Touch.

Setup fee + monthly fee
Revenue share based pricing with setup fee
Fixed price
Monthly fee

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