Application Management

Your software needs support, maintenance, and improvement over time.

That’s because applications get more complex as time passes by.

Everchanging content, security updates, etc, can eventually brake some of your software’s functionality. Users then tend to start looking for a more reliable solution.

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced application management team preventing those disasterous failures.

A well looked after software is much less likely to break or get broken into.

Experienced Support Team

Monitoring, testing and proactively tackling any problems before they come up is what keeps your software living long and performing optimally.

If our Application Management team does find any issues during routine check-ups, they will do everything in their power to ensure that users functionality is not affected until the problem is permanently fixed.

Full Support Package

  • Constant Monitoring

    Our systems proactively detect issues before they grow out of hand

  • Disaster Recovery

    The team swiftly deals with problems and diagnoses the root cause

  • Further Improvement

    We optimize the code and reduce the chance of issues coming up

A Reliable Ticket System

Something happened, or you want changes done with you application?

You have a single point of contact to resolve any issues or requests you might have. Just send us a ticket, and our team will resolve it within a prespecified timeframe.

New Ticket

User creates the ticket via e-mail, phone or web portal


Our team categorizes the ticket as a request or incident

Time Limits

System shows time to react and time to resolve the ticket


A specialist investigates the problem and solves it


When information is incomplete, further questions are asked (optional)


Remaining problems will be fixed and the case closed

Why Not DevOps?

Frequent releases of new functionality into your software

Who wouldn’t want to compete in the market more effectively? Serving your customers better through cutting-edge solutions is one way to accomplish this.

That’s why our Developers are happy to work together with your IT Operations staff to constantly improve your application, so you would have a technological upper hand in your industry.

Method of constant innovation and unparalleled efficiency

We do this by tightly collaborating on automating process deployment, quality assurance tests and service monitoring.

That enables a rapid deployment of new features into production and immediate problem detection. We can also swiftly fix issues without disrupting other services.

Effective automation and tight collaboration

DevOps is one of the best ways to ensure the optimal running of your software with minimal problems. It also brings new features in close alignment with your business objectives.

Benefits of DevOps

  • Frequent software releases
  • Precise alignment with your objectives
  • Better software quality and security
  • Improved development efficiency
  • Immediate problem detection

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