Mobile App Development

Our experienced mobile app development team builds apps on React Native that work flawlessly on both Android and iOS.

Apps written by professional developers in React Native work on every common device, but look like they were custom made for your specific one.

Have one of our UX experts tackle the app’s navigation, layout, etc, and you will have an exceptionally beautiful, user friendly final product.

We Cover All Aspects of Development

Starting from consulting to digital product design, development and full support of your finished application. We are here to be the only contact you need to get your idea to a finished product.

After the development is done, we will stick with you to make sure it’s constantly being monitored and updated against any new security threats that might come up.

Our application management team will also deal with any further requests you have swiftly.

Why Choose React Native?

When making a mobile app that both Android and iOS users can enjoy, the developers have to build two separate applications for each operating system from scratch. That’s because Android is mainly built using Java and iOS is built using Swift.

React Native is an ingenious Javascript based mobile development framework that works on both operating systems, allowing developers to reuse most of the code.

That means they only have to tweak the code to make it work on the other operating system, rather than start over from zero.

A Quick and Cost-Effective Development

Because React Native is so efficient, it greatly reduces the overall development time. In total, less man hours are being used on the project.

That means you have to spend less resources to get the same result as with full Native development (building the apps separately).

When looking at the cost-benefit ratio when investing in a mobile solution, React Native starts making a lot of sense.

Large companies all over the world are using this framework. Some examples are Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Walmart and Bloomberg.

Our Development Process

1. We analyze your business needs in order to turn your software idea into a technical solution.

2. Project managers plan out the development, dividing tasks into SCRUM sprints.

3. User experience specialists and designers create a convenient and appealing interface, according to your brand’s current or desired image.

4. You can test fresh features at short intervals, as our agile software developers constantly build new functionality, one usable block at a time.

5. Testing department thoroughly digs inside the whole application, searching for bugs, so that the end users have a smooth experience.

6. When your software is released, our application management team supports and maintains it. You can always contact us when you need something done.

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Specialists of Mobile Development

Upitech has built and launched many successful applications on this framework over the years. Our experts have come to know the platform in every way, and can build a beautiful, easy to use mobile app for you too.

Our Clients

Years of collaboration with some of the biggest brands in their fields has given us a deep understanding of business logic across a variety of different sectors.

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